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Playground Mats - Safety Rubber Matting for Playgrounds - Polymax India

Playground Matting

Playground Matting

Polymax offer a large range of flooring suitable for playgrounds. Rapra certified, the flooring Polymax offer is made to the highest quality. With a range that consist of easy drain grass mats to solid rubber EPDM topped tiles

Play Tiles - Coloured Playground Tiles

See our Playground Matting

Polymax Play Tiles are available in a range of thickness from 30mm - 70mm. Rapra certified & Perfect flooring for and size playground.

Rubber Crumb

See our Playground Matting

Polymax Wet Pour, suitable for large area playground surfacing, available in a variety of vibrant colours.

Array - 1.83m Wide - Excellent Drainage

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Perfect matting where drainage is important, the anti slip design and hollow features means even in wet conditions this matting excels.

Easi - Grass Matting

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The Polymax EASI rubber matting has raised knobs on the underside; ensuring good drainage. Tested by RAPRA to critical fall heights upto 3.4m.

Orbik - Grass Matting

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Polymax ORBIK- has anti-fatigue and anti-slip features. Holes in the design of the mat to ensure easy cleaning and good drainage.

Ground Reinforcement Mesh

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Polymax Grass Reinforcement Mesh - Supplied in different grades to meet the requirements of even the heaviest applications.

Cable Ties - For Mesh / Grass Matting

Polymax Cable Ties

Polymax Cable Ties - Used in conjunction with the Easi and Orbik Mats to tie together to avoid separation between the mats

Ground Pegs - For Mesh / Grass Matting

Polymax Easi & Orbik Pegs

The Polymax Pegs are used in conjuction with the Easi & Orbik mats to ensure mats will not move or slide.