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PTFE Backup O-Rings | Polymax UK

PTFE Backup O-Rings


Back-up rings are used in conjunction with O-Ring for both static and dynamic sealing applications. The design of PTFE Back-up rings it used to overcome the problems of O-ring extrusion when the system pressures are greater than the sealing capabilities of an unsupported O-ring. The use of P.T.F.E. for anti-extrusion rings has many advantages over 'hard rubber' materials, particularly at system pressures.


Backup rings can be used singly or on both sides for bi-directional pressure. Like an O-ring they are easy to install and their useage often allows slightly broader machining tolerences and clearences of mating parts

Why Encapsulated?

There are certain applications which prohibit the use of conventional rubber O-ring Seals. The use of hostile chemicals or extreme temperature (both high and low) during various processes can make effective sealing very difficult.

Recommended for use in

  • Chemical Processing and Production
  • Oil Extraction (on shore and off shore)
  • Petrochemical Refining
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Food and Drink Processing
  • Paint and Die Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery
  • Automotive Components
  • Aerospace Engineering


Call our dedicated O-ring hotline to speak with one of our experts about your requirements +44 (0)14204 72000.

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