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FFKM O Rings, Kalrez O Rings, Kalrez 6230, 7075 Suppliers | Polymax India

Kalrez® Rubber O-rings

Kalrez® (FFKM) O-rings withstand attack from more than 1,800 chemicals and boasts resistance to extreme temperatures, solvents and plasmas. Here at Polymax there is a wide variety of Kalrez® compounds to choose from so that you can find the best suited option for your application. We can also offer Standard sizes available in as little as 2 weeks with metric sizes in 6-8 weeks.

Polymax FFKM provides -

  • Temperature resistance up to +327°C
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance
  • Retains elasticity similar to FKM
  • Reliable and long term service


Call our dedicated O-ring hotline to speak with one of our experts about your requirements +44 (0)14204 72000.

Name Colour Application Temperature Range Datasheet
Kalrez® 7075 Black A new compound boasting enhanced physical performance properties including a very low compression and improved seal force retention.

Designed for improving sealing performance in both high temperature environment and temperature cycling situations. With the chemical processing industry at the forefront of designers minds 7075 provides chemical resistance better than the industry standard set by Kalrez®.

-20°C to +327°C Kalrez® 7075
Kalrez® 4079 Black Primarily designed for general purpose use in the process and aircraft industries Kalrez® has a low compression set, good mechanical properties and outstanding hot air aging properties. In addition to this it also exhibits low sell in organic and inorganic acids and aldehydes.
This compound is not recommended for use in hot water/steam applications or in contact with certain hot aliphatic amines, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. For this application please consider Kalrez® shown below.
-20°C to +316°C Kalrez® 4079
Kalrez® 6375 Black A carbon black filled compound designed specifically for the chemical process industry, this compound has an excellent, broad chemical resistance, good mechanical properties and outstanding hot-air ageing properties.
In addition to this 6375 also has excellent resistance to acids, bases and amines.

Unlike 4079, this material is also the suggested compound for use in hot water/steam, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.
-20°C to +275°C Kalrez® 6375
Kalrez® 0040 Black Designed for low-temperature environments with significant chemical resistance.
This material is an excellent choice for applications such as couplings for the chemical transportation industry, or any industry where chemical resistance and elasticity are required in low temperatures.
-42°C to +220°C Kalrez® 0040
Kalrez® 0090 Black A reliable sealing solution for applications requiring excellent rapid gas decompression properties in addition to high modulus properties. Typical applications for this compound are downhole equipment, pumps and valves.
Also has superb chemical resistance and a broad temperature range.
-21°C to +250°C Kalrez® 0090
Kalrez® 1050LF Black Used in chemical process industries, Kalrez® 1050LF has good hot water/steam and excellent amine resistance. Kalrez®1050LF is not recommended for use in organic acids, or inorganic acids at high temperatures. -20°c to 288°C Kalrez® 1050LF
Kalrez® 2085 Black A well-suited compound for the oil and gas industry due to its excellent rapid gas decompression compared to other FFKM compounds. It has a higher hardness and modulus to provide resistance to extrusion in high-pressure applications.
Excellent chemical resistance to drill fluids and sour gas conditions with resistance to methanol and biocides.
Up to 210°C Kalrez® 2085
Kalrez® 3065 Black Fiber reinforcement allows this compound to function without extrusion under extreme pressure. Along with this capability it also has a good all-round chemical resistance and excellent compatibility with sour oil and amines.
Due to the mechanical capabilities and chemical resistance 3065 is the choice for many gas and oil applications.
–23°C to +288°C Kalrez® 3065
Kalrez® 4001 Black Non-filled compound making it well suited for applications in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other markets. It demonstrates good performance in oxygen and excellent performance in ozone containing environments.
Additionally, it has a high service temperature rating and low harness make it applicable for vacuum service and low stress, low sealing force applications.
Up to +275°C Kalrez® 4001
Kalrez® 6230/6221 Black Superior chemical resistance and low contamination making it suitable for use in pharmaceutical and food handling industries where FDA compliance is required.
This compound is especially suited for water injection, steam-in-place cleaning and other critical systems.
Up to +260°C Kalrez® 6230/6221
Kalrez® 6380 Cream A cream coloured product designed for use in chemical processes involving hot, aggressive amines. It also offers an excellent overall chemical resistance.
6380 has excellent mechanical properties making it a top choice for chemical plant services that use O-rings in both static and dynamic sealing applications.
Up to +225°C Kalrez® 6380
Kalrez® 7090 Black Excellent mechanical properties including compression set resistance, seal force retention, response to temperature cycling effects and rapid gas decompression resistance.
This compound also boasts outstanding chemical resistance and thermal stability making it suitable for applications that require extrusion resistance at higher temperatures.
Up to +325°C Kalrez® 7090
Kalrez® 9100 Amber Clear Suitable for semi-conductive processes, targeted specifically for etching and deposition process applications, e.g. HDPCVD, PECVD and ALD. It has also exhibited excellent performance in "select" ashing/stripping processes. Designed for low erosion and ultra-low particle generation in harsh plasma environments. Up to +300°C Kalrez® 9100
Kalrez® 9300 Brown Suitable for semi-conductive processes such as Dialectic (Oxide) Etching. Excellent resistance to oxygen and fluorine-based plasma, with low metals content, excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength. These Kalrez® parts are based on a proprietary crosslinking system which is only available from DuPont. Up to +300°C Kalrez® 9300
Kalrez® 9500 Tan Suitable for semi-conductive processes such as Deposition, Ash/Strip and Conductor (Poly/Metal) Etch. Specifically designed for use in applications where ozone is used for processing, e.g. SACVD, PECVD ultra-low K (BLOK™) and where the plasma environment is more chemical. These Kalrez® parts are based on a proprietary crosslinking system which is only available from DuPont. Up to +310°C Kalrez® 9500