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Fluorosilicone Sheet

Not Available to Buy Online - Please contact us for more information.

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Quick Overview

This sheeting provides the same mechanical properties as silicone with an improvement to fuel and mineral oil resistance.

Rubber sheet tolerance allowance - width 3%, length 5%.
Article No. Thickness
Fluorosilicone Sheet Blue 915mm x 0.4mm 60ShA 3043949 0.40.15
Fluorosilicone Sheet Blue 915mm x 0.8mm 60ShA 3043950 0.80.2
Fluorosilicone Sheet Blue 915mm x 1mm 60ShA 3043951 10.3
Fluorosilicone Sheet Blue 915mm x 1.6mm 60ShA 3043952 1.60.3
Fluorosilicone Sheet Blue 915mm x 2mm 60ShA 3043953 20.3
Fluorosilicone Sheet Blue 915mm x 3.2mm 60ShA 3043954 3.20.3


Silicone is an immensely adaptive material favoured for use in food and medical industries due to its anti-microbial characteristics and extreme temperature range. However, the biggest drawback of silicone is its poor compatibility and resistance to chemicals. Fluorinating the compound creates stronger bonds which improves its resistance to fuel and mineral oils. Please note, fluorinated silicone is not suitable for use with hot air applications.

This rubber sheeting is available with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Polymax also provide a fabrication service to create gaskets or strips - please call us for more information.

Additional Information

Colour Blue
Material Silicone
Width (mm) 915
Hardness (Shore A) 60
Maximum Temperature (°C) 260
Minimum Temperature (°C) -53.8
Density (g/cm³) 1.5
Tensile Strength (MPa) 6.2
Elongation at break (%) 200

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