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F-type Mounts Female/Female

Not Available to Buy Online - Please contact us for more information.

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Quick Overview

F-type mounts are designed for vibratory equipment to give maximum isolation.
F-type Mounts Female/Female
Article No. D1
Max Load
45ShA (Kg)
Max Load
60ShA (Kg)
CF10075M16 100.000095.000075.0000M1616.00003202.0000400.0000
CF2030M6 20.000015.000030.0000M66.000024.50008.7000
CF2040M6 20.000015.000040.0000M66.000023.20006.3000
CF2522M6 25.000022.000022.0000M66.0000212.500024.7000
CF4028M8 40.000035.000028.0000M88.0000222.000043.0000
CF4625M10 46.000040.000025.0000M1010.0000264.0000125.0000
CF5030M10 50.000040.000030.0000M1010.0000256.0000111.0000
CF7540M12 75.000070.000040.0000M1212.00003135.0000267.0000


F-type mounts are designed for vibratory equipment to give maximum isolation. Features: • “Waisted” design to reduce bond stress at the circular metal plate • Good fatigue life Applications: • Earth compactors • Engine radiators • Shock mounts for instrument cases • Air-conditioning units • Flight cases • Fan units • Portable generators

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material NR
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.
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