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KPSB Rubber and Semi Bonded Metalastic Bushes - Polymax

Not Available to Buy Online - Please contact us for more information.

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Quick Overview

Applications: Car and truck engines Alternators Vehicle suspension leaf springs Generators
Semi Bonded KPSB Bushes
Article No. F
Maximum Radial Load (Kg)
Semi Bonded Bush ID8.2 OD20 OL14 IL21 NR KPSB200814 8.220142161.6
Semi Bonded Bush ID8.2 OD20 IL15 OL19 NR KPSB200815 8.220151966
Semi Bonded Bush ID 8.2 OD32 IL34 OL40 NR KPSB320834 8.2323440220
Semi Bonded Bush ID10 OD22 IL15 OL17 NR KPSB221015 1022151784
Semi Bonded Bush ID10 OD22 IL33 OL30 NR KPSB221030 10223033168
Semi Bonded Bush ID10 OD24 IL24 OL18 NR KPSB241018 10241824100.8
Semi Bonded Bush ID10 OD24 OL34 NR IL41 KPSB241034 10243441190.4
Semi Bonded Bush ID12 OD30 IL34 OL44 NR KPSB301231 12303444217.6
Semi Bonded Bush ID12 OD32 IL34 OL40 NR KPSB321234 12323440217.6
Semi Bonded Bush ID12 OD40 IL58 OL66 NR KPSB401258 12405866371.2
Semi Bonded Bush ID14 OD27 IL50 OL56 NR KPSB271450 14275056360
Semi Bonded Bush ID14 OD30 IL25 OL28 NR KPSB301425 14302528180
Semi Bonded Bush ID14 OD30 IL33 OL44 NR KPSB301433 14303344237.6
Semi Bonded Bush ID14 OD30 IL67 OL76 NR KPSB301467 14306776401
Semi Bonded Bush ID14 OD32 IL50 OL54 NR KPSB321450 14325054400
Semi Bonded Bush ID14.28 OD30.16 IL63.5 OL69.85 NR KPSB301463 14.2830.1663.569.85464.31
Semi Bonded Bush ID14.28 OD30.16 IL85.9 OL91.6 NR KPSB301485 14.2830.1685.991.6628.1
Semi Bonded Bush ID14.3 OD31.7 IL57.6 OL62 NR KPSB311457 14.331.757.662414.7
Semi Bonded Bush ID14.3 OD31.7 IL50 OL57.15 NR KPSB321454 14.331.75057.15360
Semi Bonded Bush ID16 OD32 IL28 OL32 NR KPSB311462 16322832246.4
Semi Bonded Bush ID16 OD36 IL30 OL38 NR KPSB361630 16363038240
Semi Bonded Bush ID16 OD36 IL35 OL38 NR KPSB361635 16363538280
Semi Bonded Bush ID16 OD46 IL60 OL82 NR KPSB461660 16466082480
Semi Bonded Bush ID18 OD34 IL32 OL36 NR KPSB341832 18343236281.6
Semi Bonded Bush ID18 OD46 IL60 OL67 NR KPSB461860 18466067528
Semi Bonded Bush ID20 OD45 IL62 OL NR KPSB452059 204559.562.5585
Semi Bonded Bush ID20.1 OD50.5 IL90 OL95 NR KPSB502090 20.150.590951080
Semi Bonded Bush ID22 OD42.8 IL57 OL63.5 NR KPSB422257 2242.85763.5615.6
Semi Bonded Bush ID22.4 OD46.6 IL76 OL78.5 NR KPSB462276 22.446.67678.5863.4
Semi Bonded Bush ID24 OD44.5 IL77 OL79.5 NR KPSB442477 2444.57779.5924
Semi Bonded Bush ID24 OD50.5 IL65 OL71 NR KPSB502465 2450.5657178.1
Semi Bonded Bush ID24.1 OD50.5 IL90 OL95 NR KPSB502490 24.150.590951080
Semi Bonded Bush ID25 OD50 IL65 OL67 NR KPSB502565 255065.567.5832
Semi Bonded Bush ID30 OD60 IL60 OL68 NR KPSB603060 30606068912


The Polymax KPSB Bush is a semi bonded bearing and is suitable for isolating vibration in radial load applications. It consists of two concentric sleeves with rubber only bonded to the inner metal piece.

  • Designed to take radial load only
  • Rubber is pre-stressed to give maximum dynamic strength and durability
  • No lubrication or other bearing maintenance is required

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material NR
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.