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Type A - Male/Male Cylindrical Mount

Not Available to Buy Online - Please contact us for more information.

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Quick Overview

MALE - MALE Cylindrical mounts A simple and cost effective mount. For use in compression and shear. A very large range of available size and studs.
Cyl. Bobbin Mount (M/M)
Article No. D
G x LMax Load
Max Shear
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x7 M4x15 A1507M4 150M4x1515.43.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x40 M16x46 A10040M16 1000M16x46454.1106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 11x11 M5x12 A1111M5 110M5x1220.8
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x25 M12x37 A10025M12 1000M12x37540.2106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x18 M4x10 A1018M4 100M4x101.40.45
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x30 M4x15 A1530M4 150M4x151.750.6
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x50 M20x41 A15050M20 1500M20x41626.3194.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x15 M3x6 A1015M3 100M3x61.80.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x13 M5x15 A1513M5 150M5x157.92.6
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x75 M12x37 A10075M12 1000M12x37275106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x9 M4x15 A1509M4 150M4x15113
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x50 M16x46 A10050M16 1000M16x46357.7106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 13x15 M4x10 A1315M4 130M4x103.21
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x35 M12x37 A10035M12 1000M12x37469.3106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x30 M5x12 A1030M5 100M5x1210.3
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 16x18 M4x15 A1618M4 160M4x1562
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x60 M20x41 A15060M20 1500M20x41534.3194.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x17 M4x10 A1017M4 100M4x101.60.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x20 M5x15 A1520M5 150M5x154.91.6
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x100 M12x37 A100100M12 1000M12x37250106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x10 M3x6 A1010M3 100M3x62.51
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x12 M4x15 A1512M4 150M4x158.22.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x60 M16x46 A10060M16 1000M16x46302106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x7 M5x15 A1507M5 150M5x1515.43.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x45 M12x37 A10045M12 1000M12x37413.5106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 12x10 M3x6 A1210M3 120M3x63.51.4
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x25 M16x46 A10025M16 1000M16x46540.2106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x18 M5x12 A1018M5 100M5x121.40.45
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x30 M5x15 A1530M5 150M5x151.750.6
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x55 M16x46 A15055M16 1500M16x46590.9194.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x15 M4x10 A1015M4 100M4x101.80.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x15 M4x15 A1515M4 150M4x1562
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x75 M16x46 A10075M16 1000M16x46275106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x9 M5x15 A1509M5 150M5x15113
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x55 M12x37 A10055M12 1000M12x37345.5106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 13x26 M4x10 A1326M4 130M4x101.40.45
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x35 M16x46 A10035M16 1000M16x46469.3106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 11x11 M3x6 A1111M3 110M3x620.8
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 16x18 M5x15 A1618M5 160M5x1562
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x75 M16x46 A15075M16 1500M16x46447.8185.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x17 M5x12 A1017M5 100M5x121.60.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x25 M4x15 A1525M4 150M4x152.91
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x100 M16x46 A100100M16 1000M16x46250106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x10 M4x10 A1010M4 100M4x102.51
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x12 M5x15 A1512M5 150M5x158.22.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x70 M12x37 A10070M12 1000M12x37290106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x8 M4x15 A1508M4 150M4x15123
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x45 M16x46 A10045M16 1000M16x46413.5106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 12x10 M4x10 A1210M4 120M4x103.51.4
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x30 M12x37 A10030M12 1000M12x37499.6106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x30 M3x6 A1030M3 100M3x610.3
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 16x10 M4x10 A1610M4 160M4x10156
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x55 M20x41 A15055M20 1500M20x41590.9194.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x15 M5x12 A1015M5 100M5x121.80.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x15 M5x15 A1515M5 150M5x1562
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x80 M12x37 A10080M12 1000M12x37263106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x8 M3x6 A1008M3 100M3x62.70.9
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x10 M4x15 A1510M4 150M4x159.24
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x55 M16x46 A10055M16 1000M16x46345.5106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 13x26 M5x12 A1326M5 130M5x121.40.45
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x40 M12x37 A10040M12 1000M12x37454.1106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 11x11 M4x10 A1111M4 110M4x1020.8
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 18x5.7 M5x15 A1805.7M5 180M5x15329.2
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x75 M20x41 A15075M20 1500M20x41447.8185.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x18 M3x6 A1018M3 100M3x61.40.45
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x25 M5x15 A1525M5 150M5x152.91
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x50 M16x46 A15050M16 1500M16x46626.3194.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x10 M5x12 A1010M5 100M5x122.51
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x13 M4x15 A1513M4 150M4x157.92.6
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x70 M16x46 A10070M16 1000M16x46290106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x8 M5x15 A1508M5 150M5x15113
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x50 M12x37 A10050M12 1000M12x37357.7106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 12x10 M5x12 A1210M5 120M5x123.51.4
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x30 M16x46 A10030M16 1000M16x46499.6106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x30 M4x10 A1030M4 100M4x1010.3
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 16x10 M5x10 A1610M5 160M5x10156
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 150x60 M16x46 A15060M16 1500M16x46534.3194.7
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x17 M3x6 A1017M3 100M3x61.60.5
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x20 M4x15 A1520M4 150M4x154.91.6
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x80 M16x46 A10080M16 1000M16x46263106
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 10x8 M4x10 A1008M4 100M4x102.70.9
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 15x10 M5x15 A1510M5 150M5x159.24
Cyl. Mount (M/M) 100x60 M12x37 A10060M12 1000M12x37302106


MALE - MALE Cylindrical mounts, a simple and cost effective mount. For use in compression and shear. A very large range of available size and studs.

Article numbers explained, using A7570M1247 -2 as the example:
A 75 70 M12 47 - 2
A Male / Male anti-vibration mount.
75 (D) Diameter of the mount in mm.
70 (H) Height of the mount in mm.
M12 (G) Thread type.
47 (L) Thread length in mm.
2 See table below for shore hardness values

Code Shore Hardness
035 ShA
0.540 ShA
145 ShA
1.550 ShA
1.5555 ShA
260 ShA
2.565 ShA
370 ShA
3.575 ShA
480 ShA
4.585 ShA
590 ShA

Code Material
NRNatural Rubber
SWWhite Silicone
SRRed Silicone
V, FKMViton / FKM

Code Metal
A2, SS304, SSStainless Steel (A2)
A4, SS316Stainless Steel (A4)

Additional Information

*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.