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AD Shear Compression Rubber Mount

Not Available to Buy Online - Please contact us for more information.

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Quick Overview

This mount is designed to achieve high vibration damping in both shear and compression.
AD Shear Compression Mount
Article No. D
G x L50ShA
Waisted Mount (M/M) 10x10 M4 X 10 NR AD1010M4 1010M4 X 101.50.362.340.56
Waisted Mount (M/M) 12x14 M4 X 10 NR AD1214M4 1214M4 X
Waisted Mount (M/M) 15x15 M4 X 10 NR AD1515M4 1515M4 X
Waisted Mount (M/M) 20x18 M6 X 18 NR AD2018M6 2018M6 X 1892.1143.2
Waisted Mount (M/M) 20x20 M6 X 18 NR AD2020M6 2020M6 X 1881.912.53
Waisted Mount (M/M) 20x30 M6 X 18 NR AD2030M6 2030M6 X 1861.592.3
Waisted Mount (M/M) 20x15 M6x18mm NR AD2015M6 2015M6x18102.515.63.9
Waisted Mount (M/M) 25x20 M6 X 18 NR AD2520M6 2520M6 X 18143.4225.3
Waisted Mount (M/M) 25x25 M6 X 20 NR AD2525M6 2525M6 X 20123194.5
Waisted Mount (M/M) 30x25 M8 X 20 NR AD3025M8 3025M8 X 20133204.7
Waisted Mount (M/M) 30x20 M8 X 20 NR AD3020M8 3020M8 X 20174.2266.5
Waisted Mount (M/M) 38x38 M10 X 25 NR AD3838M10 3838M10 X 25235.6368.7
Waisted Mount (M/M) 40x48 M8 X 23 NR AD4048M8 4048M8 X 23245.6388.7
Waisted Mount (M/M) 40x30 M8 X 23 NR AD4030M8 4030M8 X 23266.3409.8
Waisted Mount (M/M) 46x25 M10 X 28 NR AD4625M10 4625M10 X 2853138220
Waisted Mount (M/M) 50x30 M10 X 28 NR AD5030M10 5030M10 X 2848127518
Waisted Mount (M/M) 55x45 M10 X 28 NR AD5545M10 5545M10 X 284210.56516
Waisted Mount (M/M) 57x44 M10 X 28 NR AD5744M10 5744M10 X 2864169825
Waisted Mount (M/M) 57x45 M10 X 28 NR AD5745M10 5745M10 X 2858149022
Waisted Mount (M/M) 60x60 M10 X 28 NR AD6060M10 6060M10 X 2858149123
Waisted Mount (M/M) 60x36 M10 X 30 NR AD6036M10 6036M10 X 30761811828
Waisted Mount (M/M) 70x53 M12 X 41 NR AD7053M12 7053M12 X 411062616540
Waisted Mount (M/M) 80x65 M14 X 35 NR AD8065M14 8065M14 X 351834528570
Waisted Mount (M/M) 90x77 M16 X 45 NR AD9077M16 9077M16 X 452185334083
Waisted Mount (M/M) 95x75 M16 X 41 NR AD9575M16 9575M16 X 412405837490
Waisted Mount (M/M) 130x96 M16 X 45 NR AD13096M16 13096M16 X 4532078499122
Waisted Mount (M/M) 180x75 M20 X 45 NR AD18075M20 18075M20 X 45486118758184


This mount is designed to achieve high vibration damping in both shear and compression.


  • Vibrating equipment & compactors
  • Suspension of electronic equipment
  • Small static electric motors and generators

Maximum compression and shear loads are stated in kilograms (kg)

Additional Information

Colour Black
Material NR
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.